Micropod Inc.

Services: Email

Every business relies on email. And every business is unique. We'll make sure your email system fits your needs in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Some of our clients use Microsoft Exchange Server. If you have a Microsoft Windows network and have standardized on Outlook as your email client, this can make sense for you. If you have several office locations, we can also help you use the Internet to transfer mail between Exchange servers.

A Linux server can provide extremely flexible, reliable, secure, and cost-effective email services. We have experience in configuring POP3 and SMTP services for single or multi-domain locations.

Many smaller offices prefer to rent mailboxes from their Internet service provider (ISP) or some other online mail provider. Unfortunately, most rented mailboxes are subject to size restrictions (typically 5 or 6 MB), and email can be interrupted when a service provider fails or is sold. Some service providers overload their mail servers, which can lead to large lag times when sending or receiving messages. Last year we decided it made sense to set up our own mail server, so that our clients can avoid mailbox size limitations and service interruptions. The Micropod mail server has provided 100% availability since it went online in November 2000, with extremely fast response times.