Micropod Inc.

Services: Internet Development

By now you know what a web presence can do for your business. Or you already have a web site, but it doesn't do what you want, or perhaps you think you can't justify the cost.

We've helped our clients determine when it makes sense to have a web site, and how to build an Internet presence that adds to the bottom line.

It takes more than one mind to build an effective web site. The best sites are a collaborative effort involving graphic designers, content editors, technical developers, and of course someone who understands your business process. Many of our web development projects have been in partnership with MetaWave Digital Media and mglordlyassociatesinc.

Micropod's strength is our ability to understand your business process, and make our technical development skills (database programming, server scripting, and email integration - including mailing list support) work for you. We also work closely with designers to develop an effective and efficient user interface for every site we're involved with. This combination of technical areas means that our development partners call on us for e-commerce solutions, online surveys, and dynamic content control, among other things.